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In the manufacturer-independent supply with MTU original spare parts for large Diesel engines, SCDC is among the internationally leading providers. SCDC possesses particular know-how in the maintenance of older MTU engine series, especially for engines of the series 183, 331, 396, 493, 538, 595, 652, 956, 1163, 2000, 4000  as well as for MTU spare parts for above refer to engine, SCDC guarantees to provide spare parts well as for MTU spare parts for above refer to engine

SCDC exemplifies the highest quality and reliability – both in the worldwide Supplier of original MTU spare parts an in the flexibility and performance of our service, perfectly tailored to the requirements of our customers. The foundation of our success is the continuous, careful organisation, control and inventory management of our small and large component warehouses. They allow for the immediate delivery of all spare parts – new and refurbished – all the way to supplying complete MTU engine systems.

The Supply and support of MTU spare parts  is handled by SCDC and his network of select reliable national and international partners. We guarantee the fastest delivery times and will, upon request, handle all customs formalities for our customers.


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